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Top 5 Bestsellers

  1. Goji Berries
  2. Cacao powder
  3. Maca powder
  4. Hemp powder
  5. Cacao beans

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1-Day Seminar for radiant health


We have decided that it is time to make our 2-Day course information more accessible and affordable - both in time invested and money spent. So what we have done is to take the best Raw Food information we have gathered and we have assembled it into 1 super-packed, exciting and interesting 1-Day Rawlicious Seminar. read more...
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The Chocolate Love Workshop

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Celebrating Raw Chocolate as our most powerful superfood.

Finally we’re telling you what you’ve been wanting to hear your whole lives and deep down knew to be true… CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU!

In this evening workshop we will show you how to make healthy chocolate milkshakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate biscuits, chocolate mousse, chocolate cakes and more.
It’s very decadent and lots of fun.

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