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Peter and Beryn are both UK-trained, Raw Food Chefs working towards raising raw food consciousness in South Africa.

We travel all around Southern Africa presenting Raw Food Courses and educating people about the healing power of raw, living foods and superfoods as well as demonstrating how to prepare these foods in interesting and delicious ways.

Our living motto is: As close to nature as possible.

“We aim to show people how to transition away from de-natured foods and re-balance with highly nutritional superfoods and natural foods. In this way we move joyfully towards the simple, fun, delicious and natural way of divine nutrition and eating directly from your garden.”

We also run Soaring Free Superfoods which imports the highest quality organic superfoods from around the world, including Goji Berries, Raw Cacao(chocolate), Maca Powder and Hemp Seed Protein Powder to name but a few.

As a result of this lifestyle we experience


We run Superfood Health Stalls at key markets in and around Cape Town.
As well as supplying leading healthshops with our Soaring Free Superfoods range, we also make these and other Superfoods available to the general public via our Webshop.

How did we become Raw Foodists?

We started off eating much the same standard fare as everyone else out there. Perhaps worse. Beryn grew up in her parents’ bakery next to the chocolate buttercream tub and Peter
was a normal South African beer and braai kinda guy.

We became interested in health and since 1998 we began including fresh juices and smoothies into our diet. However we still went off and did an “ordinary” meat, potatoes, sugar and cream cooking training at the Orchards School of Cookery in the UK. We worked in a French ski resort feeding our guests the richest, creamiest, cheesiest foods available but found very little fulfilment in feeding people these disease-promoting, heart-attack forming rich, trans-fatty foods.

So off we went back to the UK. We attended a course that promoted a vegan lifestyle. They raved about higher energy levels, clearer skin, more vibrancy and so on.
So, we tried it, we gave it the benefit of the doubt and stuck with it for over 3 months. We definitely felt lighter and cleaner, but the energy levels they spoke of, were not happening for us.

It was only when we discovered the Raw Food Community and switched from a cooked vegan diet to a RAW vegan diet that we started to reap the promised rewards.

Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Mental Clarity, Healthy Glowing Skin & Hair, Easy Maintenance Of Ideal Body Weight, a Sense of Lightness, Joy and Freedom and much more.

And so began our process of UN-LEARNING & "UN-COOKING”.

We did our Raw Food Gourmet Chefs training in the UK and made the transition to raw, living foods.

Even though we’re now ‘health freaks’ we started off like everyone else. We loved our cooked Sunday roasts, camembert cheeses, lemon meringue pies, alchohol, we even used to make the best honeycomb ice cream from scratch. It was only after we’d done our Raw Chefs training that we could finally marry HEALTH with HIGHER ENERGY LEVELS and DELICIOUS TASTE.

We honestly don’t know how we could ever have eaten the stuff we did in the past. We have no craving for it. This lifestyle requires zero discipline and zero willpower once the addictive foods have worked their way out of your system.

In our Raw Food Course we take the best of our Raw Food recipes, and present them to you so that you too can discover and embark on raw food and superfood adventure and experience the liberating and TRANSFORMATIONAL journey for yourselves.

You are what you eat and you can change your body, your state of health and indeed your life when you change the food you eat.

Visit our recommended reading list to find books written by authors that have inspired us.

To find out more about our Raw Food Courses and Workshops click here to go to our Courses and Workshops page.

To find out when, or register for the next Raw Food course that is happening in your area click here to go to our Event Schedule.

To see what other people have experienced by attending a raw food course and introducing more natural foods into their diets click to our Feedback page

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