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Postby PeterDaniel » Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:54 am

Most of you have probably by now noticed the rise to fame of the superfood we call the Goji Berry. For a while this little super-berry was hanging out in Asia and circulating the underground world of superfoodists, raw foodies and traditional Chinese doctors. Then Oprah discovered them and well…the rest is history.  Goji Berries leapt onto the worldwide stage in abundance. However, back home in Asia the growers have been having a few challenges keeping up with organic production.

In part due to unseasonal rains in the main Goji producing areas many of the goji bushes got contaminated with fungus. In order to save their bushes the growers had to spray them all with fungicides, thereby losing their organic status. This problem started with the 2008 crop and continued over into the 2009 harvest. As a result there are virtually no certified organic goji berries coming out of China. Our 2009 – 2010 supply has come from a small tea grower who fortunately because of intercropping with other plants managed to avoid this crisis.

Of course, there has not been an unlimited supply, and we are now waiting for the 2010 harvest  to get underway. In the interim we are changing our Goji Berry packaging from 200g boxes to 150g boxes. This way we are hoping we can keep a real organic product on your shelves and there won’t be an ‘out of stock’ period of this great superfood. However, because of the scarcity and demand for organic gojis the prices have more than doubled in the last 2 years.  Our price per box to you, for now will not change, but the quantity will be reduced to 150g. The price for 1kg bags will however have to go up. Please visit the webshop for prices.

A final note to this story
The demand for organic goji produce is high and the number of farmers ‘taking their chances’ is rife. We have been offered seemingly organic produce by a number of different suppliers but when followed or tested, they cannot produce original organic certificates, nor do the samples test pesticide-free.

Our ethos is to bring you only the highest quality, ORGANIC superfoods from around the world, so we are choosing to take this ‘knock’ and live by our principles rather than turn a blind eye and sell inferior quality produce.

We trust that you will understand and appreciate our decision.
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