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Postby BerynDaniel » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:48 pm

Hi everyone

Peter and I are in South America a the moment and are 3 weeks into our 5 week holiday.
I am pleased to report that we are happy and raw and it is really rather simple.

Here´s a breakdown of what we´ve been able to get fresh and what we travel with.
We haven´t found it easy to get our hands on fresh organic foods but I guess that´s because we haven´t been in any one place for more than 2 or 3 days.

The food backpack has the following staples:
Good salt (we brought a jar from home and when we ran out we managed to find sea salt, but it was hard to find)
Olive Oil
Kelp powder (we forgot to bring any but wish we had so that you can up the nutrient density of your meals)
Honey (there was plenty of good honey in Chile, so we stocked up)
Bee Pollen (quite readily available here)

Breakfasts have mostly been:

1. A glass of water with a tablespoon of Pure Synergy in it ( which we brought with)
2. Fresh fruit
So far we´ve found mangoes, pawpaw, bananas & kiwis in most places.
In Peru we found fresh Lucuma fruit and Camu Camu berries
In Chile we found my new favourite fruit called a Cherimoya or custard apple
3. Peter sometimes makes a superfood smoothie, yes we were missing our smoothies so much that we bought a stick blender and have been blending fruit and cacao powder, maca, lucuma powder and camu camu powder, plus some nuts.
Before he bought the stick blender he was just mixing the superfoods with water and honey and pouring over our breakfast fruit

Even though they come from South America the good quality organic stuff is not easy to find in the shops and the language barrier doesn´t help. So we brought small bags of everything with us and then stocked up again when we met up with our suppliers.

Salad Lunches
We´ve got 2 tupperwares and cutlery as we can whip up something far nicer by popping into a supermarket and then sitting in a park and assembling a salad, the few restaurants we´ve been to have been rather disappointing.

Standard ingredients:
Fresh greens including alfalfa sprouts, spinach, parsley and basil
Lemon juice
Red peppers

Chop up all these ingredients and put in bowl, sprinkle with salt, lemon juice and olive oil.
Useful dry ingredients to add
We´ve found the following along the way which give some variety:
Tahini (mix the paste with water, garlic, salt and lemon juice to make a nice sauce.
Dried mushrooms
Olives (although it´s been hard to find any without nasty preservatives)
Seaweed mixes and Nori
Dried tomotoes
dried herbs

Sometimes we throw the salad ingredients in the nori sheet and have a wrap instead.

Some warmed options:
Brown rice/Quinoa has been easy to find
We bought a flask and if we want quinoa, we put some in the flask, add hot water (not boiling) and leave it for about an hour to soften, then turn out into a bowl and add olive oil, salt and chopped up fresh veg. Stir fried onions, dried mushrooms and garlic if you wish.

Pecans dipped in honey
Homemade chocolates which we brought with us.
Other nuts: brazils, almonds, walnuts
Cacao nibs, Gojis and raisins (we finished our snack pack in a week though!)

Other exotic foods and superfoods we´re enjoying along the way:

Cherimoyas (as i said, my new fav fruit)
Lucuma fruits - fresh and powdered - a bit of a strange texture when eaten fresh, very nice blended and delicious as a powder and added to smoothies.
Camu Camu berries - we´ve had fresh and powdered extract - this is the highest vitamin C berry - but super dooper tart, mostly seeds and very little flesh, which is obviously why the extract powder is so expensive. The powder is great to add to smoothies to boost immune system while travelling.
Cane Juice - we had a glass of freshly pressed sugar cane juice the one day. It was so sweet, that we took half the glass and added cacao powder to make a cold chocolate drink...hmmmm, yum!
Cacao paste - chunks of cacao paste dipped in honey or yacon syrup
Caigua - a superfood veg that´s best eaten on salad
Yacon root - it looks like a sweet potato, but tastes sweeter and can be chopped up raw and put over a salad.
Yacon slices - looks like dried pineapple, but not as sweet - good dried food snack
Yacon powder - good for smoothies
Yacon syrup - also good for smoothies and doesn´t spike the blood sugar levels.
Purple corn - whole on the cob - Peter loves this!
Purple corn extract powder - this is my favourite - it´s almost like sherbert and if you stick your finger in it and then lick it it goes bright red - super high in antioxidants. We put it into chocolate we made yesterday nd it makes little ´aero bubbles´

We are looking at bringing in purple corn powder, yacon powder, slices and syrup, lucuma, caigua and camu camu berry powder next year - so you don´t have to make it all the way over to South America, we are bringing them home!

Phew, this has been a slow internet connection and a long post, so I´m out of here.

Check out Peter´s post for some uploaded pics
Beryn :D :lol: ;)
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and Mate tea

Postby BerynDaniel » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:54 pm

Oh and I almost forgot

To drink we´ve been having Mate Tea - the fresh leaves are put in a gourd with hot water and you drink it through a straw.

The best ever!

I´m bringing back sacks of mate :D

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