Beat Flu with Berries (Part 1)

At Soaring Free Superfoods, we believe that the answers to all our nutritional and medicinal needs can be found in Nature, and that specific plants offer particular benefits. Many raw food experts believe that the shape, colour, texture, taste and even smell of a particular food can give us important clues as to its positive effects on our health.

According to this ancient “doctrine of signatures”, berries are particularly potent: their intense colours and flavours signal to humans (and bears, and birds) that they not only taste good, but can really boost our health.

Berries are especially good at supporting our immune systems, which is great news as flu and colds try to find weaknesses in our armour during winter. Here we take a look at some of the most important superfood berries – fantastic fruits that can have a positive influence on our chances of catching influenza, and which combine being nutrient-dense with their medicinal properties.

Camu Camu Berry

Camu camu berry has more Vitamin C than any other botanical – up to fifty times as much as an orange! Camu camu originates in the Amazon rainforest, which many experts regard as an incredible arboreal apothecary that could contain the plant cures to many diseases and conditions, up to and including cancer.

Rainforests are the lungs of the world – without them, we would all suffocate. Deep within them grow plants that hold the key to human health, and Camu camu is the perfect example. They are also aligned with the doctrine of signatures: each individual Camu camu berry looks a lot like a human cell, and research has shown that they can have positive effect on our health at a cellular level.

Camu camu also contains antioxidants and is rich in health-boosting phytochemicals. The intense Vitamin C content can increase your levels of serotonin – a feel-good hormone that can counteract the effects of depression and lift your mood on cold, dark winter mornings.

Other health benefits of Camu camu include:

  • Boosting collagen production for tendon and ligament health (when used with MSM).
  • Lowering your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.
  • Combating candida and other fungal infections.
  • Gum, skin and eye health – clearer skin and more intense colour perception.

To enjoy the health benefits of Camu camu this winter, try our Flu Beater Shot – a silver bullet against influenza. Simply juice one carrot and one third of a pineapple and shake together with a slice of ginger, a slice of fresh turmeric, and one heaped teaspoon of Soaring Free Superfoods Organic Camu camu berry powder

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