Here we have put together a few of the questions and answers that you may find yourself asking about CBD. To read a more detailed article on the benefits of CBD oil, click HERE.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes – CBD oil products containing 20mg or less are legal to sell. Our CBD is certified and tested to be 0% THC. THC is the psychoactive component found in cannabis, which is largely bred out of hemp, and not at all present in the controlled extracted CBD oil we use.


Q: Is it completely safe to consume?

A: CBD oil is safe to consume and has been used as a healing medicine for many years. However, as with any potent plant/herb, test a little to see the effects on you, CBD certainly doesn’t work for everyone. Please read our detailed blog article for more information and links to studies.


Q: How should I expect to feel/sensations?

A: CBD is known to assist with reducing stress and pain management,  as well as improving sleep quality. Without the psychoactive component of THC there is no chance of feeling high at all. The effect is likely to vary in strength from person to person, but you can expect to have anything from no physical sensation to a deeply relaxed feeling in the body, so adjust the amount you eat depending on what you are doing that day or night.


Q: What are the main benefits?

A: The non-psychoactive CBD is said to have anti-anxiety and neuro-protective properties. This means that it reduces the body’s response to stress and protects your brain from degenerative diseases.


Q: Can I take too much of it?

A: We recommend a maximum of between one block to one bar per day, depending on your individual response. If you are very sensitive you should be careful of eating quantities that would make you extremely tired while driving or anything needing your full, alert attention.


Q: Is CBD oil bioavailable when taken orally?

A: Due to the fineness of our cacao, the CBD oil is easily absorbed in the mouth before it reached the digestive system which means you will feel the effects quicker than going through the digestive system.

Q: Is this safe for my kids?

A: We don’t recommend this bar for children. However CBD is certainly safe for them in smaller quantities.


Q: When is the best time to have it?

A: When you are still finding the correct amount for your needs, we recommend eating it towards the end of the day and into the evening if you are going to be at home and able to relax.


Q: Has it been tested?

A: Soaring Free has gone to great lengths to ensure the ingredients meet our high standards and are rigorously tested for purity.


Q: Where can I find out more information?

A: You can view the product information on our website HERE

We also have a blog article HERE


Q: Where is it from/source?

A: The cacao is from Ecuador and the CBD oil is from the USA.


Q: Is there a recommended dosage?

A: We recommend 1 block per day – this will give you 5mg of CBD oil.


Q: Are all CBD products the same?

A: Certainly not. There are products on the market that have not been tested for purity and strength, and likely contain psychoactive THC. Know and trust your source.


Q: Are there any side effects of CBD?

A: In our chocolates we use the maximum dose of 20mg allowed in a product and at this dose the side effects are unlikely.There are few side effects that have been noted mainly with higher doses of CBD oil, namely:

  • CBD can interact with some pharmaceuticals because it suppresses the activity of the cytochrome P450 liver enzyme which metabolises most pharmaceuticals. Eating a portion of grapefruit would have a similar effect on these liver enzymes. It’s a minor effect, but should be mentioned if people are considering taking high amounts..
  • Dry Mouth which is easily remedied by drinking enough water.
  • Increased tremor in certain individuals taking high concentrations of CBD. It is also safe and well tolerated by other individuals. Increased tremors can be remedied by reducing the dose of CBD.
  • Low blood pressure & subsequent lightheadedness when CBD is taken in high amounts.
  • Drowsiness in some individuals when CBD is taken in high amounts. Generally, increased alertness during the day is experienced.



Q: What are the health benefits ?

A: CBD oil is said to reduce anxiety, protect nerves from degenerative disease, relieve pain, have a powerful anti-tumour effect, treat mood disorders, and promote overall healing. In studies it has also been shown to stop Epileptic seizures and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.


Q: What is CBD?

A: CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol which is one of many cannabinoids found only in the plant genus Cannabis. CBD activates healing in the body and is not psychoactive.

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