Healthy Halloween Treats, Tips and Tricks


Happy Halloween to all the trick or treaters out there!

Customarily, Halloween marked the end of the summer season. Similarly, it was a time to celebrate the gifts of the harvest season. The spirit world was believed to be ever present. Therefore, this marked a rather auspicious time. Offerings of food and drink were made to bless crop and animal alike during the colder winter months.

Today, the focus of Halloween is on festive gatherings, trick-or-treating, dressing up, and eating sweets. However, we oftentimes find ourselves overindulging in the wrong things. That is to say, we land up feeling guilty about our food choices. In light of this, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks of our own. This Halloween, we’re having fun and staying healthy! There are plenty of ways to satisfy that sweet tooth, without compromising on health. This year our spooky superfoods are dressing up and having fun too!

This article will focus on:

The effects of sugar intake on health
Our Top 5 Healthy Halloween recipe recommendations
Tips and ‘tricks’ to staying sugar savvy

The risk of high sugar intake

Opting for guilt free treats is good for your health. Most importantly, you don’t have to compromise on taste! Today, most people are aware of the impacts of processed sugar on overall health. They include: blood sugar problems, weight gain, and cardiovascular problems. As well as irritability, hyperactivity, and sleep disorders. The good news is that desserts don’t have to be off limits.

Going guilt free

We’ve always been advocators of healthy living without compromising on taste. Try experimenting with healthy ingredients this Halloween, and make conventional recipes healthier with just a few tweaks.

Our top 7 Healthy Halloween tips & treats


Kiwi Mummy Pops: These frozen Mummy-pops are easy to make and look adorable. Healthy Halloween treats to enjoy for the young & young at heart. Created for us by Mariza of


Black Widow Cheesecake – These decadent, spooky raw cheesecakes with fresh seasonal fruit are a beautiful addition to your Halloween spread. Created for us by Mariza of

Spider Web Icing: Smother the top of your cake in black activated charcoal icing. Create a spider web effect using white icing and a piping bag and draw a white icing spiral on top starting at the centre and moving outwards toward the edge. Then, using a toothpick, draw straight lines from the centre toward the outside edges of the cake. This is how to create the spider web effect.

Chocolates in Halloween theme shapes: make your own homemade chocolate using healthy high quality ingredients such as cacao butter and cacao paste. Or, simply melt our chocolate bars into store bought moulds and then freeze. Making your own chocolates can feel fun and empowering. And, they are simple to make too.

Strawberry Ghosts: dipping strawberries in melted white chocolate makes for a decadent guilt-free treat. Put them in the fridge to set the chocolate. Then dip a toothpick into melted cacao paste, and draw on some spooky faces.

Savoury Veggie Skeleton: arrange cut up veggies on a serving board in the shape of a skeleton. Have fun creating long gangly limbs, and a ribcage out of multi-coloured peppers, celery, carrot and cucumber sticks. Whip up our famous bayo-mayo and place in a round serving dish as the head of the skeleton. You can use olives for eyes, parsley for hair, and don’t forget to add a red pepper smile.

Halloween Themed Punch: keep friends and family hydrated over the course of the festivities. Replace sugary drinks with sparkling water and 100% orange juice. Add kombucha for extra flavour & fizz with good probiotics for your gut. Decorate with plenty of orange slices, and black grapes or blueberries for eyes.


Food tips and ‘tricks’

1. Eat before you trick or treat: we tend to indulge in sugary treats when blood sugar levels are low. Eat a wholesome meal before candy time to minimize the binge-eating effect.

2. Give kids options: decorate the tables in healthy treats. It’s easier to make better food choices when the option is available to us.

3. Incorporate games: take the focus off food alone, and encourage everyone to play games. Include activities like a zombie dance party, three legged monster race, and a prize giving ceremony for the best dressed.

4. Play with food: get kids involved in the food preparations. Encourage creativity and play in the kitchen. Kids will be more inclined to eat healthy food if they have been involved in the creative process. Also, everyone gets to learn a new skill.

5. Stock up on non-candy treats: get creative with gift ideas. Include things like vampire teeth, scary stickers, temporary tattoos, bouncy balls, bubbles, glow sticks, friendship bracelets, crayons, and colouring in books.

Look after yourself this Halloween

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to come together, and celebrate life’s blessings. Let’s celebrate our creativity with wholesome foods and tasty treats. Furthermore, experiment with inspirational recipes that make you feel good about your food choices.

Lastly, take this opportunity to connect to your inner child, and have fun!

forest ghosty with spirulina

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