Simple Destress Rituals

Stress is a natural part of life and, in fact, when the body experiences stress and its response is homeostasis, then this stress is considered healthy stress that enables us and can boost our immune system. The problem is when our bodies are experiencing stress as a continuous condition and we don’t take the time out to detangle ourselves, physically and emotionally. This is when functional stress becomes a dysfunctional disturbance in the body leading to illnesses. One way to continuously support our bodies is through nutrition. Consider it a useful and accessible tool to soothe our systems, replenish what is used and restore what is damaged.


A few tips how to soothe your system from stress damage

X Avoid staying up late too often: your deepest, most restorative sleep cycles start at 10pm
X Avoid repetitively overexerting yourself: pushing yourself to the max day after day does nothing positive for your body’s stress levels
X Avoid sitting in front of a screen to unwind: it’s tempting when you are tired, but this does nothing to restore your system
X Avoid fast food or caffeine when stressed or tired: it overexerts your adrenals. Comforting in the moment, but damaging in the long run

Eat quality protein: tryptophan, tyrosine and L-lysine are amino acids (protein building blocks) which calm us
Take Epsom salt baths: relaxing in warm water and absorbing magnesium is only going to be good
Dry skin brushing: this improves circulation and makes us feel more awake
Go for walks and do yoga: mindful movement helps us to destress and restore mental energy
Make the last hour of your night device-free: a worthy practice if you can get it right, this will prepare you to get to sleep quicker


♥♥♥ *Pro-tip* It’s worth mentioning again that protein is essential for calming and repairing. Amino acids, tryptophan, tyrosine and L-lysine, are protein building blocks which have a calming effect on our system. The better quality your protein is, provided you are getting enough of it, the calmer you will feel.

Rituals Matter.

Set up rituals that will help you to better cope with stress. Below we have a simple daily routine that you can easily implement to help you with managing stress.










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When our bodies are functioning optimally, our immune system is strong & our inner systems are well-balanced, meaning it can heal itself and correct internal imbalances. Try it out!


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