Lisa Beasley

Free Diver & Ocean Awareness Activist

Lisa started diving at 11 years old and fell in love with the underwater world instantly. She became obsessed early on with the very tiny and colourful creatures – especially nudibranchs. Her adventuring nature has taken her all over the world, travelling, diving and working as a helicopter pilot, but it’s Cape Town’s freezing cold water and magnificent Kelp Forests that is where she feels she truly belongs.

The last few years have brought her to understand how important it is to take time to learn and really sink into this environment, and she has found incredible wonder and support from it.

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Lisa Beasly exploring our ocean underwater world


“The cold water has been a beautiful teacher for me. It’s been such an empowering lesson to be able to overcome and move through discomfort as and when it surfaces, whether that be physically with the cold or in other ways it shows up in my life.”

Lisa now works through The Sea-Change Project and The Beach Co-op to extend this experience to those in her community and help bring this philosophy to young people who otherwise would not have access to this incredible ecosystem. Lisa has also been working with The City of Cape Town to find healthier cleaning protocols to preserve the enormous diversity in the tidal pools around Cape Town making it possible to experience our ocean creatures in these easily accessible and contained environments.

“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It” Robert Swan



Matt Bromley

Big Wave Surfer

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.”

Matt “Bromdog” Bromley is a 27-year-old BIG wave surfer from Kommetjie, Cape Town. His life consists of constantly monitoring the surf forecast around the world and booking a ticket to go and chase it! 🌍

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Matt Bromley going for a wild ride on this majestic, powerful wave

“I believe I’ve been given a gift to surf big waves and I feel responsible to use this to go big, to push the limits of my own capacity and inspire others to do the same.”

An advocate for balance whether it be healthy food, exercise and spending time with his loved ones, Matt Bromley surely knows how to “Live A Life Without Limits.”


Alan Van Gysen

Surf Photographer

Alan van Gysen – One of the world’s most respected surf photographers. He has spent the past 18 years carving his mark into the local and international scene. His dedication to his craft has seen him capturing the artistry of South Africa’s and the world’s top surfers. Preferring to shoot from the water he feeds off his subject’s energy, bringing his personal perspective to the moment and creating a tailored fusion of motion, time and space.

, Ambassadors
Alan staying focused, looking for the next beautiful shot

“If my life – my thoughts, words and actions – especially photographs, can encourage others, affect righteous change & help the world at large I will be happy, and I’ll be well onto The Path of knowing true Joy and Fellowship as I pray all others will likewise discover.” – Alan van Gysen



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