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Healthy Halloween Treats, Tips and Tricks

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Sustainable Business & Reflections on 2018

This year we celebrated the blissful birth of our new baby girl, Teela Skye. Our eldest daughter, Katara Eden is already 6 years old. And Soaring Free Superfoods, our ‘first child-creation’ is now 12 years old. How time flies!

It is said that your children reflect EVERYTHING back to you, and that you learn, grow and see yourself through their eyes, actions and words daily. Conscious parenting is not for the faint-hearted and neither is conscious business. Someone once told me that business is a reflection of your sub-conscious. I took those words to heart and it has guided my approach in all aspects of business. I no longer see ‘work’ as ‘the daily grind’ but as part of life-learning.

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