When we say organic, we mean it – and we make sure our suppliers do too. Because it’s really important to us that every Soaring Free Superfoods product is 100% organic, we carefully check out the certification of each of our suppliers.

That’s how we make sure that there’s no pesticide, herbicide or GMO contamination in our products. It’s better for the planet, and better for you. Where certification isn’t possible – for example, with our wild-gathered ingredients - we test them not just for taste and quality, but to be sure that they’re also chemical-free. If we’ve learned one thing down the years, it’s that Nature is perfectly capable of producing amazing, nutrient-dense superfoods without the need for chemical sprays. When you enjoy a Soaring Free Superfoods product, we want you to be left with a feeling of wellness and memories of a great eating experience, not a chemical residue in your body.


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