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We’re having conscious conversations with some of the brightest minds who have inspired us, health pioneers, thought-leaders and industry experts who have dedicated their time to their craft, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to know them. Some you may know & others you’ll soon get to know & understand why & how they have come to inspire us.

Join our Winter Wellness Series with your host Peter Daniel, as we have ‘fireside chats’ with some of these fascinating people over the coming months.

  • From June 2020 – August 2020,
  • This is a free event,
  • All information & live talk event links will WhatsApp’d / be emailed to you.


Conscious Conversations Podcast Misha teasdale Greenpop

Misha Teasdale - Wednesday 23 September, 7 pm (GMT +2) - On ZOOM

The Secret Life Of Trees & Eco Restoration

Meet Misha Teasdale, the “Treevolutionary” of Greenpop, SA’s biggest reforest initiative. When he is not out planting trees, you can find him inspiring entrepreneurs as a YALI Africa Fellow or sprinting up Table Mountain. And if he is not invited to speak at events from TEDx, United Nations, Pecha-Kucha and Universities globally, you’ll find him rallying for a greener future.

In 2010, Misha gathered like-minded individuals to plant 1000 trees in 1 month and hasn’t stopped since! In 2008 he was part of an expedition Doing it For Africa, and drove from Cape Town to London overland, profiling & , mapping NGO’s and community-based projects through 21 African Countries so that world can better reach them. 

In 2011 he landed Top 200 Young South Africans by the Mail and Guardian and in 2013 was nominated by Mail and Guardian and Department of Environmental affairs as one of SA’s top climate change leaders. He has since also been included in Legacy Project hall of fame for those out to make a difference in the world.

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dr goldberg

Dr Raoul Goldberg - Wednesday 9 September, 7 pm (GMT +2) - On ZOOM

The Physiology Of Stress

Dr. Raoul Goldberg qualified from Wits Medical school and was inspired to further understand the whole human beyond body. He spent the next seven years of his Post Doc work training Switzerland in Anthroposophical and Integrative Medical Clinics set up by Rudolph Steiner. Part of that work allowed him to cultivate plants and medicines at Wala and Weleda. He has remained a life-long student studying Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Botanical medicine, Anthroposophical and Functional Medicine. Currently he is a Phd candidate in Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies researching how stress impacts the physiology. Dr. Goldberg has authored articles for multiple health journals and has published books on addictive behavior and holistic human development. He is an active medical doctor at Path to Health Centre in Cape Town treating common ailments and has specialized in Integrative Cancer his entire career. and

Dr Saskia von diest

Dr. Saskia von Diest - Wednesday 26 August, 7 pm (GMT +2) - On ZOOM

Eco Fluency & Interspecies Communication

Since 2013, Dr Saskia von Diest has been exploring intuitive communication with the rest of nature, especially in practical food growing decisions. She currently holds a postdoctoral position with the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University (CAWR), UK. She presents on numerous international platforms about her work and organizes workshops with various experts, to share this information with academics, the agricultural community and the public. She is passionate about refining and spreading awareness of the experiential methods available for developing intuitive communication.

kagiso msimango

Kagiso Msimango - Wednesday 26 August, 10 am (GMT +2) - On IG LIVE

Un F*k Yourself: Your Inner Goddess Awaits - Author Of The Best Selling Goddess Bootcamp

Kagiso is an energy healer, teacher and student. Intuitive life coach, and author of the bestselling The Goddess Bootcamp and The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp. Three years ago, crippled by burnout and in a state of near-collapse, bestselling author and corporate leader, Kagiso Msimango embarked on a powerful journey of unf*cking herself. What she discovered, after getting little relief from mainstream healing methods (while maxing out her medical aid in the process), was a simple and revolutionary truth: the more we unf*ck ourselves, the more we unf*uck the world. Her latest book Unfuck Yourself; Unfuck the World will be available in September 2020.

Dr. Heidi Van Loggenberg

Dr. Heidi Van Loggenberg - Wednesday 19 August, 7 pm (GMT +2) - On ZOOM

Evidence-Based Functional & Medicinal Foods

Heidi has a Master’s degree in Homeopathy and at 35 she developed an early, aggressive form of breast cancer. She declined a lumpectomy and prophylactic chemo and instead chose a double mastectomy to buy herself time to understand why she had developed breast cancer. On her journey, she discovered integrative medicine, functional medicine, and nutrigenomics. Heidi studied a post-grad course in genetic counseling at UCT and is currently completing her Functional Medicine Practitioner’s certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She believes that many lifestyle-related chronic diseases come from a gene-environment interaction and that many can be prevented or improved by making more personalized nutrition, environment, and lifestyle choices. Heidi now helps people create personalized health action plans for optimal wellbeing based on their nutrigenomic DNA and real-time biochemistry test results. Heidi is a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner (CFSP) and advocates the benefit of including a rainbow of phytonutrient in one’s diet daily.

catherine barnhoorn milas meals

Catherine Barnhoorn @MilasMeals - Wednesday 19 August, 10 am (GMT +2) - On IG LIVE

Feeding Kids Healthy - Founder of Mila’s Meals

Catherine is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and the author of ‘Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics’ – a 500-page collection of over 100 gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free recipes and food ideas for baby’s first years (and the rest of the family too). As Mom to Mila she made the decision to raise her daughter on a “free-from” diet – that is, free from gluten, sugar, and dairy. When Catherine couldn’t find a recipe and nutrition book which catered to feeding a baby this way, she set about creating one herself. Catherine is deeply passionate about empowering parents to make informed decisions with regards to what they feed their children and themselves, and she firmly believes that food can be:  “the best form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

kherye danu female hormone specialist

Kheryn Danu - Wednesday 12 August, 7 pm (GMT +2) - On ZOOM

How To Feel High Instead Of Hi-jacked From Your Hormones

Kheryne has a deep love and fascination for the feminine body and the stories we hold within them. She feels there is an ancient feminine pulse of life that moves through us all and once we tap into it we can heal old wounds and ignite our vital energy, changing the story for the next generation. Her work has always revolved around the body and our relationship to it. Her passion for researching natural hormone wellness opened a door into the crazy world of health journalism. This turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to glean more essential wisdom around women’s wellness and the latest understanding of hormones (thanks to many Functional Medicine seminars). Today Kheryne’s passion is being a Women’s Vitality and Embodiment Coach.

roushanna gray from veld and sea wild foraging immersive events

Roushanna Gray @VeldAndSea - Wednesday 12 August, 10 am (GMT +2) - On IG LIVE

Wild Foods & Foraging

Roushanna, founder of Veld and Sea – Wild Food Foraging Immersive Events,  is a wild food innovator and avid forager. She teaches about indigenous edible foods through immersive experiences, connection and creativity. Inspired by the local edible indigenous plant availability, she has been experimenting with the exciting flavours and diversity of Fynbos and Indigenous plants for over ten years. 

“ There is flavour, food, and medicine all around us, we just have to learn how to recognize it “ –

Carishma Basday

Carishma Basday @Carishmabasday - TBC , 10 am (GMT +2) - On IG LIVE

A Journey To Balanced Health & Discovering Motherhood

Carishma Basday is a professional actress, model, super mom to a beautiful baby girl & South African sensation with a captivating smile and a lot of heart. She is an avid traveler and wanderlust flows freely through her veins, she delights in experiencing new cultures and being a complete foodie she adores sampling delectable morsels from around the world but also has a deep passion for local and organically sourced foods. This feeds her passion for nutrition and she is a wizard in the kitchen whipping up delicious and nutritious super-food delights. Carishma also has a deep love for animals and nature and works closely with charitable organizations like WWF and DARG. In her free time you will find her hiking with her dogs, working in her organic veggie garden, burying her nose in a book or spending time with family and friends and enjoying life to the fullest.

carly esterhuizen wild foraging and plant alchemy cape town

Carly Esterhuizen - Wednesday 5 August, 7 pm (GMT +2) - On ZOOM

Rewilding Her & Wild Food Alchemy

As owner of The Wild Love in Tulbagh, Carly is a passionate advocate of nature-based living and believes in the power and wisdom of the Earth. She offers tools to support women on their journey of rewilding and unlearning in her Wild and Empowered Women’s Retreats. She draws inspiration from her European lineage and self-empowering women’s work and all things nature-related. When she is not sharing her herbal knowledge and bush-craft skills, you will find her in the backyard tending to her chickens.

Antonia de luca bio

Antonia De Luca - Wednesday 5 August, 10 am (GMT +2) - On IG LIVE

Natural Foods & Plant-Based Cooking

Author of  Antonia’s Way plant-based recipe book, owner of Leafy Greens Café and founder of Antonia’s Botanicals health food range, Antonia is a vibrant woman passionate about natural & healthy plant-based living. Besides health, wellness and clean eating, her other passions are naturally managing stress, exercise, the wealth of benefits from essential oils, and conscious parenting.

Tony budden

Tony Budden - Wednesday 29 July, 7 pm (GMT +2)

Progressive Medicinal Plants

Tony Budden, co-founder of Hemporium is a renowned international cannabis expert. With the number of uses for this plant increasing constantly, Tony’s knowledge is highly valued globally. 

James Graaff Nutrigenomincs and holstic health expert

Dr. James Raaff - Wednesday 22 July, 7 pm (GMT +2)

Nutrigenomics & Precision Based Holistic Healthcare

James, health-care pioneer and co-founder of the House Of Holistic Health (a free association of diverse ‘whole-system philosophy’ practitioners that today integrate their efforts in a relationship-centered primary practice. 

With clinical experience of some 23 years fueled by constant inquiry, James currently focuses on precise health-strategy development using DNA/genome analysis and the exciting new fields of genomics to create lifestyle balance, disease risk-reduction and higher performance based on an individual’s genetic variance.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 12.22.45 PM

Peter Daniel - Wednesday 15 July, 6.30 pm ( GMT +2 )

Your Stress Defense Shield & Super Immunity

Two groups of people are exposed to the same germ, one group gets sick & the other doesn’t … why? What gave the group that did not get sick their immunity?  To understand this we’ll look at what’s called the Terrain Theory. The fundamental health hack to super immunity.

Jean Pierre le Roux

JP Le Roux - Wednesday 8 July, 7pm ( GMT +2 )

Neurohacking & The Science Of Natural Highs

Jean-Pierre is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and thus has a well-honed sensitivity to the relationship between language, meaning, and truth. He is a dedicated health practitioner, practicing transpersonal therapist, life coach, supplement formulator, and gonzo pharmacologist with a keen interest in the biochemistry of longevity.

david wolfe 2

David Wolfe - Wednesday 1 July, 7 pm ( GMT +2 )

Superfoods For Longevity & Vibrant Health ( Your Superfood Cheatsheet )

With a master’s degree in nutrition and a background in science and mechanical engineering, David “Avocado” Wolfe is considered one of the world’s top authorities on natural health, beauty nutrition, herbalism, chocolate, and organic superfoods. He empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health even up against all the modern-day demands. By making simple, informed decisions, he shows us that we can all enjoy quality time for ourselves and with our family, because, after all, Health is Wealth!

Peter King

Peter King - Thursday 25 July, 6.30pm ( GMT +2 )

Insights Of The Self & Secrets To Self-Transformation

Peter King is a master coach and trainer with over 25 years of experience both locally and in the UK with clients all around the world. His mission is to support people in their lives through active self-reflection and questioning. He believes that life is simple, and that life is about growth and fun. At this time when our outside world is presenting us with so much change and uncertainty, we are being called to re-look at our inner world to find the insights for transformation.

Dr Jenny Lavine - speaker - conscious conversations

Dr. Jenny Levin - Thursday 18 June, 6.30 pm ( GMT +2 )

Metabolic Flexibility ( An Agile Metabolism ) & The Nervous System

Over the years, Jenny has accumulated many eclectic, broad-based skills and knowledge of a cerebral, practical, energetic, and intuitive nature. Combining all these learnings — merging scientific, modern-day medicine with the ancient wisdom traditions — Jenny contributes to the creation of a vibrant new paradigm of health and wellness, weaving through the interconnectedness of all.

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