Plant Plastic 101

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Cacao Connection

Staying healthy is all about connections
from the desk of Peter Daniel

In my years of researching health and wellness it has become clear to me that connection between humans is an essential aspect of good health, if not a crucial foundation.

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Chlorella vs. spirulina comparison

If you’re looking for a superfood that covers just about every nutritional need the human body has, then look no further than chlorella and spirulina. We’ve put together this comprehensive comparison between these two micro-algae.

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Heavy Metal Detox for Beginners

Heavy metals such as mercury and lead are becoming a major health concern. Fortunately there are many things you could do to reduce your body load of heavy metals. It is essential to do a number of these things consistently to avoid heavy metal build up over time.

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CBD oil for natural healing

Many of us have experienced the fantastic health benefits of hemp products but have you tried the next level? CBD oil or Cannabidiol is helping us understand the mechanisms of healing in a whole new way.

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Going plastic free

Going plastic free – a beginner’s guide

The challenge involved in going plastic free relates to our purchasing behaviour and the habits we’ve likely been practicing for years. In this article we focus on a number of ways to reduce plastic use, and the easy steps we can implement to make a difference.

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What is cadmium and why is everyone talking about it

Currently a disastrous situation for the protection of the Amazon rainforest is under way. Natural jungle land has been used to grow cacao and will likely get slashed and burned to farm commodity crops such as palm oil.

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The beauty of raw cacao as a superfood for better health

Most of us love chocolate, but should we be eating it? Anyone who has gorged on slabs of milk chocolate will most likely have experienced weight gain, bad skin and addiction. But is there another side to this deliciously decadent food? The deep social guilt entrenched in our relationship to chocolate is now giving way to exciting new revelations that show you can have your chocolate and eat it!

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Paving the way with Hemp

After one hundred years of silence, the most diverse plant on the planet is making a comeback. Hemp has more faces than any other plant. Whether you are eating it, building your house from it, nourishing your skin with it or using it to tethering your yacht, hemp does it all. Even though hemp and marijuana are related, you cannot make good fibre from marijuana and you cannot get ‘high’ from smoking hemp.

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Coconut Blossom Nectar – The New Wholefood Sweetener

Coconut Blossom Nectar is generating much interest in the health food market these days and it’s easy to see why. It’s really tasty and Coconut Blossom Nectar scores low on the Glycemic Index. It has been tested and sits at 36 out of 100 on the GI scale, making it a great sweetener for diabetics when used in small amounts. It naturally contains more vitamins, minerals, amino acids than processed sugar, as well as many other nutrients such as potassium, iron and zinc.

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