Soaring Free Superfoods is not your average business. When we talk about growth, we don’t mean increasing our sales or our profits. Instead, we’re a little obsessed with knowing where each of our ingredients is from, and who grew or gathered it.

We see superfoods as a way of not just improving your health, but also of helping to uplift communities and rehabilitate our planet. Growing indigenous plants in the high-energy regions they’re originally from reduces the strain on the soil and local water resources. Organic farming means that bees, birds and butterflies can thrive alongside each growing superfood plant – and play their part in pollinating it. We want to know that the farmworkers who tend to and gather the produce are well cared-for and that each farmer gets a fair price for what he’s grown. We won’t buy produce that comes from former rainforest areas or where there are exploitative working practices.

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