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June’s Winner

Penelope van Maasdyk


” I have replaced all my supplements with Soaring Free’s Superfoods which are now like my power-packed pharmacy in my kitchen. I blend different combinations into my smoothies each day and feel the vitality soaring through my being all day long. This is the true meaning of food being our medicine.

Enjoying the potent protein shakes.”

July’s Winner

Monica Hurn


” My grandmother was a herbalist, living in Germany, and my mother has instilled the love of natural healing in me. I love that Soaring Free’s Superfoods range is based on ancient knowledge that has proven effective over time. 

Highly recommend Mucuna & Ashwagandha.”

August’s Winner

Diane Looman

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 12.59.58 PM

“I have been using Soaring Free’s Superfoods for quite a few years now and can absolutely attribute my turnaround in health to this. There are so many good products but the ones I have been especially using lately and that I am feeling the benefits of are Maca and Mucuna. Use early morning and gives me energy for the day! Mucuna is brilliant to enhance mood, cognition and memory.”

September’s Winner

Kanyisile Kama


” Taking ashwagandha every morning before work has helped elevate my mood & reduced the stress levels that my body & mind go through every day at work. I started taking it a few days before my period, and I noticed I’ve stopped being cranky – it’s helped a lot with my PMS which really affects my performance at work! I’ve now recently purchased the Black Maca powder as I’ve discovered that it’s also an adaptogen, high in protein & energy with even more benefits!! I’m loving it, & I would highly recommend this product to any woman or man with a busy, stressful life, to help keep the brain functioning at its best, reduce stress levels, enhance libido as well as metabolism.

October’s Winner

Natassia Jade Bason


” Absolutely love the Soaring Free Superfoods products. I’ve recently been using the ashwagandha capsules and the results are fantastic. I feel so much more calm and balanced. My sleep has improved and my energy levels are up! Miracle product. Love that it’s completely organic and contains no GMOs. Other products I love are the Chaga mushroom powder (which I believe has kept my immune system strong for the last year), the matcha is absolutely divine and the hemp powder is top quality. Will continue supporting this brand for the rest of my life. Excited to try more of their products in the future!”

November’s Winner

Kylie Basson


” I’ve been using Soaring Free matcha and Ashwagandha capsules for a few months now, I suffered from a huge adrenal and cortisol imbalance and since using it I have noticed a major difference. I am slowly and naturally regaining my energy and clearing my brain fog. After trying multiple drug store concoctions with lists of unknown ingredients and no noticeable changes… Soaring Free has finally given me what they couldn’t. I look forward to trying many more of their products. Highly highly recommend it.”

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