A lot of the so-called superfood and supplement products on the market are anything but healthy – or at least they were, until they were processed and refined to within an inch of their lives – or yours.

With Soaring Free Superfoods, the name of the product is the ingredients, because we don’t add anything that’s not naturally present. Who needs preservatives, when superfoods can boost your longevity? Why add artificial colours and flavours, when nature can already dazzle our eyes and our taste buds? We do our best to make our products affordable, but we won’t cut corners or compromise on quality or food safety just to cut a few Rand off the price tag. The food industry has a lot of tricks to make products more appealing, including adding fillers and binders to create the impression that you’re getting better value for your money. In fact you’re not – they’re holding your health to ransom.


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