5 Ways To Use Hemp As A Superfood *Digital eBook*


Digital Recipe eBook on Hemp: the Most Versatile Superfood & Protein Source

Let's be clear, hemp is not cannabis nor is it psychoactive. Hemp is very different from what society has been told to believe. In fact, it's one of the most versatile, nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet and it cannot get you high! It's rich in essential fatty acids our bodies cannot produce on their own and is what we call a complete protein, containing all the amino acids our body will ever need.

In this recipe eBook, we’ve carefully curated five delicious hemp recipes to help you bring more lean whole-proteins into your diet. These quick and easy recipes will help you ease into the nutritional beauty of hemp.

By adding one or more of these recipes into your daily meals you’ll get:
• Extra nutritional fibre to support your metabolism
• Omegas to fire up your mood & boost your brain function
• Anti-inflammatory minerals & vitamins to alkalise the body

You can easily learn how to use hemp from these recipes and then get creative in the kitchen to make your own nutritional meals.

1. All you need to know about hemp & its potent nutritional profile
2. Health benefits of hemp
3. Quick and easy meals from breakfast through to after dinner treats

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