Grow to Live – Pat Featherstone


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Organic gardening for health

Author, Pat Featherstone, runs Soil for Life which is a non-profit organisation based in Constantia, Cape Town. They produce and sell organic vegetables, fruit, herbs and seeds. Their main work is with underprivileged communities, teaching people how to start their own gardens, providing support through field workers allowing communities to blossom into agricultural experts!

The benefits of food gardens encompass a deeper connection with nature, quietening our minds and creating a new understanding of life. Gain organic gardening knowledge about earthworms, compost making, feeding with homemade liquid teas and mulching. There is hope that we can if we know how to get going and use the goods and services provided by Mother Nature that enable us to work in harmony with the environment.

This beautiful and practical book will teach you all you need to know about growing your own food.

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