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Honey has been the most known, discussed and widely applied bee product from ancient times to until now. It is a supersaturated solution of sugars making honey hygroscopic (moisture absorbing) and viscous. The sugar concentration plus other factors including low pH, hydrogen peroxide, and the flavonoids, phenolics and terpenes make honey an anti-microbial agent.

The main use of honey is as a flavourful sweetener and energy source. Secondary but important uses of honey are for the promotion of health and well-being. Some of these uses include aiding in the healing of wounds, serious skin burns and gastric ulcers. The basis of wound- and burn-healing properties of honey is its anti-microbial, moisturising/fluid removal and oxygen-barrier properties.

This honey is carefully hand harvested in the Western Cape and cold extracted. The bees are NOT fed sugar and no animals have been harmed in the process.

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