Nut Milk Bag (Cotton)


Make your own nut milks at home

Nut milk bags are a kitchen essential for making your own plant-based milk at home. Aside from making milk without the usual additives found in boxed milk, you can adjust the recipe to suit your own taste.

NB: This bag is not suitable for making pure oat milk. You can add a handful of oats to nut milk for creaminess, but pure nut milk does not filter well through this bag.

Made from 100% cotton.
Produced in Cape Town, South Africa.

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How to make nut milk:

A simple, basic recipe is:

Soak 1 cup of nuts overnight to activate and get rid of enzyme inhibitors which block absorption of minerals. Drain and rinse in the morning.
Blend nuts and a dash of salt in 1 - 1.5L water.
Place nut milk bag into a jug, open at the op.
Pour the nut mixture into the bag. Twist the bag closed at the top and carefully squeeze out the milk, twisting the bag a bit more as you go.
You will be left with a ball of pulp which you can gently squeeze in the bag to get the last bits of milk out.
Will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.
The leftover pulp can be used in many ways - dehydrate to make flour, add to soups and sauces, sprinkle over breakfast, add to truffle ball mix... with a little creativity there are many options!

You can add desiccated coconut for extra creaminess, and a touch of honey or sweetener to mimic the slight sweetness in conventional milk.
Different nuts need different soak times to activate. Overnight is usually convenient.
To go easy on your blender you may want to start with half to three-quarters of the water. Add the remaining water just before you pour it into the nut milk bag.

To wash:

Rinse out and thoroughly wash with natural dish soap or natural laundry soap. Rinse well. Hang it out to dry in a spot with good airflow so it dries quicker.
Do not allow it to stay damp as this will encourage mould growth.
Can be soaked overnight in bio-oxy bleach when needed. Stronger bleach is not recommended as it will diminish the fabric over time and may also leave traces in your milk.

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