Superfoods Made Easy eBook

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Everyday Essential Superfood Recipes

Superfoods are nature’s most potent sources of nutrients! Not only that, it offers the widest spectrum of micros, macros and phytonutrients that we generally can't get purely from a local fresh produce diet. Instead of supplementing your diet with hard to digest or difficult to absorb vitamins and minerals from supplements, instead, consider enhancing your diet with a variety of superfood blends that re-boot your system and boost your nutrient levels to restore your body back to health.

Since superfoods are essentially dried food, its nutrient profile is easily recognized by the body and easy to digest, making nutrients more bioavailable for maximum absorption.

In this "Superfoods Made Easy" guide we teach you all you need to know about upgrading your pantry with superfood protein & plants to create well-balanced meals for the whole family. It focused on easily & affordably incorporating superfoods into everyday meals.

0. All you need to know about superfoods, what they do and how each works
1. 4 Superfood Protein Smoothie recipes ( using our Superfood Protein Shakes )
2. 4 Ways to use Superfood Protein recipes in alternative ways to get the most to of your superfood protein shake blends

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