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A superfood and superherb mixture for healing stress damage & boosting energy levels

Herbal Adaptogens: Medicines of the Future

Hormonally, adaptogens are substances that help balance hormone excesses or deficits by boosting the efficiency of the sites where hormones bind with cells. Adaptogens balance the glands and brain structures, like the hypothalamus and pituitary, associated with endocrine function. They enable better response and recovery, promoting a smooth flow of energy.

They are defined as an “agent that increases the nonspecific resistance of an organism to stress and other environmental influences”. Over 5,000 clinical studies involving over a half a million people have been done on the effects of adaptogens. They have been used by Russian Olympic Athletes, Warriors and Cosmonauts.

Fortunately for us, adaptogens are a class of herb available that can help the body adapt better to its environment, whether that environment be one of many harmful chemicals or simply one of rapid change.

Adaptogens are substances that are contained in the leaves, roots and sap of plants, helping people to adapt to the changing conditions of life. These plants contain all the necessary trace elements, vitamins, prehormones, amino acids and more, that helps adaption. Adaptogens assist the body in normalizing homeostasis, optimize metabolism, revitalized exhausted organ systems and improving resistance to a variety of adverse factors without side effects. They improve our innate hormone response, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. They also increase the capacity of our cells to manufacture and use cell fuel more efficiently during periods of stress and strain.

The Russian scientist, G.M. Barenboim said it well:
"For the first time in the history of human civilization the biological potentialities of the human body have failed to meet the requirements imposed on it by the epoch. One witnesses an unusual 'epidemic' of fatigue aggravated by the powerful action of man-made, external chemical and physical environmental factors. Like the drugs that saved the world from numerous bacterial and viral epidemics that cost millions of lives in the past, the adaptogens are needed to help man withstand the diverse stresses of today."

No medical claims are made. Product information on this website is for information purposes only. ALL medical conditions must be treated by a qualified health care practitioner.

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SuperThrive Ingredients

Cacao powder
Taheebo (Pau d’arco)
Reishi Mushrooms

Contraindications: Please do not use while on any form of medication without the approval of your health care provider.

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