Soothing White Chocolate Milkshake

Soothing White Chocolate Milkshake

We love smoothies – nutritionally dense, easy to make, and a meal on the go! So here's a milkshake with the healthy properties of a smoothie & the thick, milky sweetnes of a milkshake.The anti-anxiety & stress defense properties of mesquite make this superfood a potent ingredient to help reduce stress. It's also an excellent protein rich, ow GI sweetener – try it as a honey replacement in smoothies. Cacao butter is high in magnesium which is the mineral we most need when under stress.

2 servings


10 minutes plus melting time



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½ C White Mulberries
a big chunk of Cacao Butter
2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
4 Tbsp Mesquite
½ C cashews
1 tsp honey
1 ¾ C water
Optional: a few blocks of frozen coconut cream for the thick, icy texture


coconut cream (from the top of a can of coconut cream)
grated Raw Chocolate Bar or Cacao Paste


Step 1:

Melt the cacao butter in a bowl over hot water. If you have a power blender you can blend the solid butter with the rest of the ingredients.

Step 2:

Blend everything together until smooth and creamy. Add some frozen coconut cream for that thick, icy texture. , Pour into two glasses.

Step 3:

Have fun decorating the top! Scoop the coconut cream onto the top of the smoothie, and sprinkle with extra mulberries. Garnish with shavings of our superfood chocolate bar as a decadent finish.

Step 4:

Indulge and enjoy. Take a moment to connect to the anti-anxiety effects of mesquite!

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