Plant Based Protein Powders

Clean & plant-based vegan protein powders made of only the good stuff that will enhance your performance and recovery.

These plant-based protein shakes are not just about the protein, it’s about the complete package! The micros, the macros, its integrity & its taste. 

With Superfoods, Superherbs , Potent Proteins and natural zero-GI sweeteners.  Our vegan-friendly protein blends are made with the most digestible and safe protein sources available: hemp and brown rice protein.  These combinations create a synergistic nutrition profile with a complete amino acid profile that avoids hard to digest legume proteins ( like pea & soy protein ) often found in plant-based protein supplements.

Gone are the days of stomach discomfort & indigestion with these super protein foods for easy digestion

A Blend Of 2 Super Protein Sources

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Hemp protein is made from hemp seeds, is non-psychoactive, and considered one of the most versatile and nutrient-dense superfoods available. It’s so powerful that it’s considered the closest alternative to breast milk due to its complex, cholesterol-free, hypoallergenic nutrient profile, and is easy on one’s digestive system

Approximately 65% of the protein in hemp seeds is made up of an amazing little protein called ‘Globulin Protein Edestin’, the most potent protein of any plant source on the planet & it’s only in hemp seeds.

This particular protein ‘Edestin’ aids digestion, plays an important role in how the body uses carbohydrates and fats, and is considered to be the backbone of our cells’ DNA. The other one-third of hemp seed protein is albumin, another high-quality globulin protein similar to that found in egg whites.

Hemp protein is free of the trypsin inhibitors that block protein absorption and free of oligosaccharides, which cause stomach discomfort and gas.

Enhanced with Superfoods & Superherbs

The superfoods and superherbs increase these protein powder’s nutritional density that allows more vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. It also has unique adaptogenic properties that combat inflammation for better muscle repair & recovery.

We added Monk Fruit to bring it a natural sweetness without the sugar blues.

plant protein powder benefits

Available In 2 Flavours

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The Chocolate Lover’s Delight!

You get the rich dark chocolate taste from pure raw certified organic cacao grown in Africa.

Raw African Cacao is free from cadmium ( trace metals ) & is rich in good gut feeding fibres, free radical removing antioxidants & is known for boosting one’s mood with its ability to stimulate the release of feel-good neurochemicals.

plant based protein vegan protein powder cinnamon flavour
Cinnamon Twirl For The Wild At Heart But Delicate Pallet!

With our cinnamon twirl plant protein mix you get a beautifully balanced protein blend, that has a soft taste with notes of malty maca & white-chocolate-tasting mesquite from the superfood powders.

Maca superfood powder is known to enhance your stamina (ie. athletic performance) as it contains a range of plant sterols that boost your energy levels, strength and performance. It is also known as a powerful adaptogen, which has the ability  to help regulate the body’s functioning & adapt to stress. Maca is an essential superfood you want to take if you’re serious about fitness, as it can help to regulate the body’s endocrine system and restore hormonal balance for prolonged endurance training.

These plant-based protein powders are created with those in mind who need a good, clean, reliable & high-quality protein source that is going to be easy on the metabolism & supportive of your fitness goals.
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