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If you’re looking for a superfood that covers just about every nutritional need the human body has, then look no further than chlorella and spirulina. When taken together these two algae create a powerful team with countless benefits which are quite astounding. These 2 micro-algae are from the blue-green algae family and while they have many overlapping benefits, each have a unique nutritional profile.

We’ve put together this comprehensive comparison between chlorella and spirulina for those who are interested in more detailed information, but if you just want to know which one is better to take for your needs, there’s a short summary following the chart.

Ultimately, when they are taken together you are covering many bases. To make sure you get what you need remember to take enough of each. Recommended doses follow the comparison chart too.




  • contains more chlorophyll than spirulina, making it’s detoxifying and cleansing effects more potent
  • highly recommend for individuals who smoke or drink alcohol or those with liver issues
  • helps to relieve constipation related to dry stools
  • excellent for rebuilding the body, for frail individuals or those with degenerative diseases of the muscle, nervous system, etc.
  • chlorella growth factor (CGF) boosts the immune system and helps fight cancer
  • CGF also helps repair nerve tissues and is excellent for treating degenerative brain and nerve disorders.

superior source of digestible protein with 12 times the protein of beef
easier to digest than chlorella which can sometimes upset sensitive tummies
rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a fat necessary for optimal brain function, heart function, and other systems in the body
phycocyanin , the blue pigment in spirulina, is a potent anti-cancer phytochemical


How much should you eat?

Both can be consumed in substantial quantities. Remember that these are foods and not like conventional medication, so you cannot ‘overdose’. If you eat too much, just as with any food, you would feel full and possibly not feel so great.

As a guide, spirulina and chlorella should be taken in a 2:1 ratio. It is recommended to take both as part of every meal, by splitting up your daily amount. You may need one more the other depending on your individual requirements, but here is a general recommendation:

♦ 5g (25 x 200mg tablets) per day of chlorella is good for maintenance, but start off slowly and build up. For a powerful detox you can double this.

♦ 10g (20 x 500mg tablets) per day of spirulina is good for maintenance. Also start slowly and build up. For a powerful detox you can double this.

The trick is to avoid the strong detoxifying symptoms of nausea, headaches and coming down with what feels like flu. Taking small amounts and building up to bigger amounts means the detox happens more gently. Remember that if you stop taking these for a while, you would most likely need to start off slowly again.

It’s always good to listen to what your own body is telling you. We are all different in the ways we react to food and what our bodies like and dislike, so your needs could be different to someone else’s. If you don’t feel any benefits then take more. If you feel bad, take less until you find your ideal amount and then build up slowly.

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