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The determination to learn and grow seems to be hardcoded into the human genome. To observe a healthy, happy toddler is to witness this first hand. Around the time they reach their first birthday they are up on their little legs, wobbling and toddling about ever so eager to get proficiency over their new found form and keep up with their tribe around them. Such consistent efforts require a steady stream of high quality nutrients to support their growing bodies’ needs.

There’s nothing quite like a curious toddler to keep you young and on your toes. The question is how do we as parents and caregivers not only keep up with them, but stay 1-step ahead, making sure they are well nourished and cared for as they take those first enthusiastic steps into their new world?

Nature nurtures naturally and nothing beats breastmilk as the ultimate superfood for your baby.

Thanks to the World Health Organization breastfeeding is now encouraged for at least 2 years, and many children are enjoying the benefits of long term breastfeeding well into their toddling years. (For more information on superfoods to support breastfeeding and an abundant milk supply click…)


So, how do we ensure optimum nutrition as our babies start to progress onto solid foods?

First off beware of highly processed and sugary foods, which will have your delightful youngster pinging off the walls like a Tasmanian devil and avoid them as far as possible!

Favour instead plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat from the rainbow and expose them to as many colours and as much variety as possible.

Whilst most baby food options are geared towards providing basic macronutrients, a toddler should also have access to a wide array of micronutrients in order to provide the basic building blocks from which to build his or her growing body and thrive.


These are my top 5 superfoods and quick superfood recipes that get the best quality nutrients into my young babes.


1. Lean Superfood Protein Shake

The Lean Superfood Shake provides a wide range of amino acids, the essential building blocks of protein provided by the blend of wheatgrass, barleygrass, moringa and hemp protein powders, as well as baobab providing good calcium and prebiotics.

★ How to use it?

Add a little Lean into your child’s favourite juice. You can also freeze into ice lollies providing your toddler with a healthy and soothing distraction to those difficult teething days.

2. Glow Superfood Protein Shake

In my experience almost all children LOVE berries! What’s not to love – they are sweet and delicious, low in sugar and loaded with antioxidants. The simple way to understand antioxidants is to remember that they are pigments of colour which is why the saying ‘eat from the rainbow’ holds so much wisdom. Antioxidants prevent free radical damage, preserving youthfulness and supporting health and longevity.

★ How to use it?

This is one of our family’s favourite berry smoothie recipes:


Or try out this Blissful Berry Nice-Cream:
  • Ingredients:400ml organic coconut milk1C cashews½ C coconut oil, melted¼C Coconut Blossom Nectar¼ C Glow Superfood Protein Shake
  • STEP 1: Blend all the ingredients together until smooth
  • STEP 2: Set in the freezer overnight




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