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Kratom is one of the worlds highly misunderstood, mysterious healing plants which has been used for decades. It is unknown in most parts of the world or gets bad publicity due to the negative stigma attached, but little did you know that it’s an incredible healing plant that deserves much more positive attention in the media.

Kratom is a highly effective pain killer, a natural anti-inflammatory and an incredible mood enhancer. It is so effective at relieving pain and stabilising the mind that it used to successfully treat heroin addicts from their addictions and withdrawals. Because it’s so potent people can generally easily overdo the dosages and walk away with having had a bad experience as if it was some kind of drug. This is often why it’s completely misunderstood.

Dose is the key to kratom

Take small doses of any new medicinal plant or plant supplement to note the body’s initial response. No one in their right mind would just take any size dose of potent medicine without consulting a practitioner – same goes for kratom. Did you know that some people can’t consume wheatgrass or barley grass as their body’s first reaction is to vomit once it hits the stomach ? This does not mean that the grasses are not good for you. It just means that your body does not yet recognise or understand this new food. You need to be gentle when introducing such a super plant into your new diet or choosing naturopathy to heal through natural plant remedies.

Understandably some people wouldn’t take the time to get to know exactly the right dosage for their own bodies due to highly demanding jobs and stress factors. The last thing we want to do is monitor our every intake and reactions to each ingredient or supplement we consume. So for those of us out there who need a natural pick-me-up sometimes or to treat period pain, chronic back pain or even PMS, and rely on recommended dosages, what can we do?


Euphoria and Release

There are two kratom plant tonics containing super herbs like reishi, gynostemma, ashwagandha, prepared fo-ti, valerian root and red ginseng. Adaptogenic herbs like these adapt to the body’s internal biochemical process and restore the body’s vital function, whilst naturally enhancing the mood to either a deeper state of relaxation or enhanced concentration and energy.

Euphoria and Release are herbal blends formulated to synergistically help the body adapt to stress and respond to what the body needs (see more on adaptogens here). We have used calming red kratom in Release and uplifting green kratom in Euphoria. The blends have been formulated and tested to ensure that the doses of kratom contain herbal mixes are optimised to relieve pain and uplift your mood.

If you’re interested in truly understanding the kratom plant and its healing properties, read on …

Demystifying Kratom

Positive lifestyle changes are the foundation of a happy life…

There are many things we can do to feel empowered on our wellness journey. These include incorporating nutritionally dense foods into our diets, surrounding ourselves with community and healthy relationships, as well as including daily body movement practices. However, mindset is where it all comes together.

The state of our mind and emotions drastically affects our experience of life. Exciting new research is starting to emerge into the role that kratom can play in elevating the mood and naturally relieving chronic pain! More and more research on kratom is emerging and people are starting to recognise its incredible natural ability to alleviate chronic pain without side effects.

By using kratom in natural herbal blends and tonics crafted from medicinal ‘potent plants’ , you address the cause of illnesses in the body, not just the symptom as many laboratory manufactured pharmaceutical medications do. By addressing the cause you naturally alleviate the symptoms and give your body a fighting chance to heal itself.


More than meets the eye

There are many controversial discussions out there surrounding kratom which we already know comes from authoritarian influences. We’ve seen this with cannabis most recently and we will continue to see this in many more misunderstood or misused natural healing plants.

The important take-away is that as with anything in life moderation is key. Although kratom as any other medicinal potent plant it needs to be respected and used for its medicinal purposes. It is ideal when used in the correct proportions as prescribed by health practitioners or best used in alchemical blends to increase creative energy and aid in relaxation.



Kratom (we say kratom to sound like atom) is what we consider a healing plant and also referred to as a potent plant, super herb, plant tonic and is considered a part of the branch of alternative healing medicines like other plant medicines. These potent plants are herbs that traditional healing systems such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, African Herbalism and Amazonian Herbalism have incorporated for thousands of years for their powerful healing effects. There are literally thousands of potent plants that support health and vitality in many different ways.

There has been a great deal of interesting research done into the mood enhancing effects and benefits of kratom.



Kratom originates from Southeast Asia. This tropical tree has a close relationship to coffee. It can improve energy levels, but also bring about a sense of calm. Traditionally, land workers used kratom to combat fatigue and increase productivity.

Kratom was originally used to treat mild medical problems. These included fever, diarrhoea, diabetes, pain, as a wound poultice, and to reduce the strain and fatigue of physical labour.


Best uses

Promoting good mood, calm and increased energy

People who suffer from anxiety and depression have good reason to look for herbal relief. Many people report feeling relaxed, calm and even euphoric when taking kratom. Kratom appears to have positive results for relieving anxiety and depression in many of its users. Consequently, it is popular amongst anxiety sufferers.

Interestingly, lower doses of less than 1 g per day appear to increase energy levels. Yet slightly higher doses of 1-2 g per day seem to bring on a wave of tranquillity and improved mood. It can cause drowsiness and sedation when taken in higher doses.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation has been shown to be at the core of chronic pain, and many chronic diseases. Kratom can inhibit inflammation by preventing the formation of PGE2. PGE2 is an inflammatory mediator that acts on blood vessels and cells to promote an inflammatory response. In addition, kratom’s anti-inflammatory properties may result from its ability to enhance immunity, and stimulate tissue repair and healing processes.


Effects on chronic pain

Chronic pain is a tremendous issue worldwide, and sufferers are often looking for some form of natural painkiller. Opioids are a group of pain relieving drugs that produce morphine like effects. Chronic pain issues have unfortunately led to an international painkiller addiction. This comes with a host of scary side effects.

Kratom is not an opioid, yet it works on the opioid receptors. This makes it a far safer form of pain relief than many mainstream options. Kratom is milder, less addictive and less dangerous than opioids.

The majority of kratom users have expressed enthusiasm towards its benefits. Firstly, kratom has shown positive results for use in self-treating pain. Secondly, for the feelings of euphoria that it evokes. All in all it seems as though kratom has a very clear place in the future of health and wellness.

Need to Knows and the Do’s and Don’ts on kratom …

Dose is an important element when using this plant. People react to the effects of potent plants differently, and results may vary from person to person. We recommend starting at the lowest dose to establish the effect on your body before moving on to a higher dose.

Those using kratom should not exceed 15 grams per day. Overconsumption of this plant can cause nausea, drowsiness, and high blood pressure. If any unwanted effects occur, please discontinue using kratom.

Consult your health care provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep this product out of the reach of children.

These herbs are extremely safe to use by most people when taken in the correct suggested dose. However, kratom is likely to be unsafe when combined with alcohol, sedatives, strong painkillers, and stimulants.

But, the majority of kratom users in Southeast Asia and the West alike do not experience acute or chronic adverse conditions.

Kratom may reduce the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medication. Please consult with your health care provider before using kratom if you are on medication.

Final say …

You can try these two kratom plant blends with carefully curated tonic herbs that are designed to balance and enhance how the body and mind function. Release and Euphoria

Designed to address a range of issues, and provide a safe and effective alternative to prescription medication, these incredible medicinal plant blends are ultimately synergistic mood formulas that include healing adaptogens, and antioxidant extracts.

These medicinal plant blends are designed to uplift and enhance your mood, which can positively impact our outlook on life. The adaptogenic nature of many of these plants help balance the body’s systems to better deal with stress. Additionally, the antioxidant extracts reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Consequently, both the body and mind benefit from these incredible plant blends.

You can read more about potent plants here

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