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Organic Lion's Mane (Powder & Capsules)

A nootropic functional mushroom for cognitive performance, nerve regeneration,  immune and gut support.

Lion’s Mane is nature’s gift to your nervous system and memory! It’s been recognised for its potential as a natural, effective nootropic that may enhance cognitive function. It has been used in traditional medicinal systems to reduce anxiety, improve gut health and strengthen the immune system.

Certified Organic. Steam Activated. Bioavailable.

Soaring Free Lion's Mane is steam sterilised which is a process that breaks down hard-to-digest chitin and makes the nutrients more bioavailable.

R 299.00
R 299.00

Health benefits of lion's mane are said to be:

Cognitive Performance - natural and effective nootropic

Nerve Regeneration - contains potent nerve growth factors

Immuno-Modulating - for improved health and gut function

Gut Support - improves health of digestive system



Anti-Anxiety & Anti-Depressant


100% organic Herecium (Lion's Mane) mushroom powder - fruiting body only


HPMC veg capsules

Product of China

Best taken first thing in the morning, blended into hot drinks. Simply mix 1 - 2 tsp into chai, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or add to recipes in measured doses, or take capsules with water or juice.


Start with 1 tsp per day. Up to 10g can be used per day once acquainted with the effects.

Double your dose for the first 3 weeks to accelerate results.


Start with 4x capsules (1.5g) per day.

1 capsule = 380mg. Up to 10 capsules per day can be used to accelerate results.

Typical values Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 288
Protein (g) 13.0
Carbohydrate (g) 70
Total Fat (g) 4.3
Dietary Fibre (g) 42.0
Total Sodium (mg) 175
BetaGlucans (g) 51