• 20mg CBD per chocolate slab– 5mg per cube
  • Mood-enhancing – with cacao’s ability to elevate dopamine & serotonin levels combined with CBD oil’s ability to soothe the physical body and mind
  • Pain relief & neuroprotection – non-psychoactive Cannabinoids such as CBD are mighty antioxidants


100% Pure CBD Oil (20mg) , Raw Organic Cacao Paste*, Organic Cacao Butter*, Cane Sugar*, 0.0% THC
* European Grade Certified Organic Products


Non-psychoactive Cannabinoids such as CBD are potent antioxidants offering pain-relief and neuroprotection. The effects are synergised and enhanced when combined with antioxidant-rich chocolate. Our CBD (cannabidiol) is extracted from the oil of THC-free hemp.

Each bar contains 20mg of CBD which is extracted from the oil of the highest quality THC-Free hemp. We chose to include CBD in our chocolate for a simple reason, as fats and oils have been known to enhance the absorption for CBD into the bloodstream. This is why many CBD products come blended with coconut, avocado, and olive oils.

What’s even better is the fact that cacao is one of the best carriers of CBD into the body, helping to enhance the effects by increasing absorption and activation within the body. The effects of CBD are synergistically enhanced when combined with antioxidant rich chocolate, delivering calming, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, feel good, and immune supporting effects. The use of cacao as a vehicle to deliver other medicines originated in mesoamerica, and we like to think that they knew what they were doing. The beauty is, evidence is continuing to show that raw cacao is one of the best superfoods in the world, revered by the Mayans, Olmec, and Aztecs as ‘F​ood of the Gods’.​



How should I expect to feel?

CBD is known to assist with reducing stress and pain management, as well as improving sleep quality. Without the psychoactive component of THC there is no chance of feeling high at all. The effect is likely to vary in strength from person to person, but you can expect to have anything from no physical sensation to a deeply relaxed feeling in the body, so adjust the amount you eat depending on what you are doing that day or night.

What are the main benefits?

The non-psychoactive CBD is said to have anti-anxiety and neuro-protective properties. This means that it reduces the body’s response to stress and protects your brain from degenerative diseases.

Is this legal?

Yes – CBD oil products containing 20mg or less are legal to sell. Our CBD is tested to be 0% THC. THC is the psychoactive component found in cannabis, which is largely bred out of hemp, and not at all present in the controlled extracted CBD oil we use.

Is CBD oil bioavailable when taken orally?

Due to the fineness of our cacao, the CBD oil is easily absorbed in the mouth before it reached the digestive system which means you will feel the effects quicker than going through the digestive system.

Is it completely safe to consume?

CBD oil is safe to consume and has been used as a healing medicine for many years. However, as with any potent plant/herb, test a little to see the effects on you, CBD certainly doesn’t work for everyone. Please read our detailed blog article for more information and links to studies.

Can I take too much of it?

We recommend a maximum of between one block to one bar per day, depending on your individual response. If you are very sensitive you should be careful of eating quantities that would make you extremely tired while driving or anything needing your full, alert attention.