Potent Plants


Our Potent Plants are carefully selected tonic herbs & powerful plants combined in such a way for their synergistic effects on the body. These nutrient dense plant blends & non-blends are more powerful than superfoods in their ability to synergistically enhance & balance the body’s vital functions.

The range will include a series of carefully formulated mixes for specific functions, such as, enhancing mood, as well as single ingredient products like matcha and ashwagandha.

If you are deficient in vital nutrients & looking for supplements or if you want to upgrade your health and aid your body to deal with the daily pressures of life and environmental toxins, then Potent Plants are for you.

Potent Plants in essence are medicinal foods which act to restore & replenish your body as supplements would, but in a natural way which the body already recognises and can easily absorb.


Superfoods vs Potent Plants

Superfoods replenish the body’s vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids & beneficial phytonutrients which are not as abundant in most of the food sources we eat today. We consume them as part of daily meals to ensure that our bodies are getting the vital building blocks they need to keep up replenished & healthy.

Potent Plants contain various functional medicinal superherbs traditionally used in healing practices for their abilities to alleviate the pain body or elevate its functioning. Potent Plants are medicinal plants which act as medicinal food supplements & can be taken with superfoods, but in much smaller quantities because they are highly concentrated.


A Healing Adaptogen: Ashwagandha

This highly concentrated plant powder is a powerful restorative adaptogen, supporting adrenal health, soothing the nervous system and supporting the body to manage emotional, mental & physical stress in a natural way.

Ideal for stress defence & restoring the body to it’s optimal function.

An Antioxidant Extract: Matcha

Our matcha antioxidant extract is a finely ground & highly concentrated form of green tea leaves. It is recognised as a natural health tonic for its antioxidants, amino acids & mineral content, as well as its ability to boost memory & focus.

Ideal for enhancing concentration or for speeding up the metabolism due to its richness in chlorophyll & caffeine.



A synergistic herb & plant tonic blended to restore your mind and body balance when you feel stressed, anxious and emotionally drained.

This product is a medicinal food source & contains 4 adaptogenic herbs to enhance your mood & energize the body.

Ideal for enhanced concentration & energy.


A restorative mind & body blend of synergistic plant & herb concentrates. This herbal blend deeply calms & relaxes the body, bringing balance to body tissue.

This product is a medicinal food source & contains 4 adaptogenic herbs that will soothe the body & enhance your mood.

Ideal for reducing anxiety.

We believe that food is medicine & we’ve created this exciting new range of Potent Plants just for you.

As a trusted brand, known for our uncompromising high standards, we have always been the pioneers in the field of superfoods in South Africa.

Food is medicine and when we give our bodies the nutrition it needs, we are giving it the resources and power to heal & replenish itself, helping us live a healthier and more vibrant life.

Our ever-growing community of superfood enthusiasts show us that these nutrient dense foods are changing lives for the better. It has always been our passion to help you activate an awakened life.


Here is what people have to say about our Potent Plants

♥ I love Release as the first two days of my period feel overwhelming (& hellish.) Release provided a swift physical relief from pain as well as mental and emotional relaxation when dealing with all symptoms of PMS. It’s changed my life. – Cindy, December 2019

♥ Was feeling emo after a late night and not such good sleep and just uncomfortable in the body – and feel amazingly upgraded after only 2 (Euphoria) capsules! A dream of a product. – Cindy, January 2020

♥ I have suffered with arthritic knee pain for years, trying just about every anti inflammatory under the sun to find relief. I tried various herbal products too, but Release is the first product that has helped me, and had a lasting effect! Seriously impressed! – Megan, December 2019

♥ Absolute game changer for me on the days that I needed some extra mental support. At last 100% natural products showcasing not only the physical power of plants, but their powerful mental abilities too. – Adré, January 2020

♥ I have been using kratom on and off for around 6months and have found it to be an amazing and powerful plant. After a bit of experimenting I found my sweet spot which is a 4g. This serving size gives me a positive mood shift and a small energy boost but what I enjoy most of all is an increase in focus. It helps to create a layer of calm which means I am able to tackle my work in a clear and focused way. On occasion and particularly during more intense stressful times I have had a second serving in the early evening which has radically improved my quality of sleep. As someone who struggles with sleep I have tried all sorts of remedies, but have found kratom to be the best by far. – Michael, November 2019

♥ Release is the best remedy I have found for headaches! – Peter, December 2019

♥ I love handing Euphoria out at dinner parties and seeing everyone become more chatty and relaxed, no alcohol required! – Peter, December 2019

♥ Matcha is fantastic when i need an energy boost in the morning, no coffee needed! – Peter, December 2019