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Master Nutrition Stack

The Master Nutrition Stack is curated to maximise peak health potential.

 It's a compilation of the market's 3 most sought-after functional plant supplements: functional mushrooms, super greens & adaptogens.

Everything you need to master your body! 

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Master Adaptogens (Size)
Master Greens (Size)
Master Mushrooms(Size)
R 698.25

Master Greens - secures a strong health foundation by alkalising (corrects blood pH to prevent disease) & remineralising the body. Minerals and vitamins keep cellular interconnectivity and synapse functioning smoothly.

Master Mushrooms - amplify the body's ability to thrive, enhancing cognition & physical performance.

Master Adaptogens - fine-tune the body's stress agility & resilience for longevity. It's especially key to combat stress (by building a resilient body-stress response) & harmonises hormones (by bringing balance & restoration). 

When we eat high-vibrational living foods like these, we infuse our bodies with a variety of natural nutrients the body can recognize and absorb to elevate its frequency. 

Master Adaptogens: Yellow Maca*, Ashwagandha*, Reishi*, Red Maca*, Black Maca*, Gynostemma*, Red Ginseng*

Master Greens: Spirulina*, Moringa*, Wheatgrass*, Barleygrass*, Chlorella*

Master Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane*, Reishi*, Chaga*, Cordyceps*, Maitake*, Turkey Tail* (fruiting bodies only)

*Certified organic ingredients (certified by ZA-BIO-140)

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Master Adaptogens

Master Greens

Master Mushrooms

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