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Organic White Mulberries

White mulberries were highly valued in the Roman Empire for their medicinal properties and were enjoyed as a delicious addition to their abundant feasts.
R 153.00
R 153.00

Bursting with minerals and fibre this little superberry will put a spring in your step!

Health benefits of white mulberries are said to be:

Improves Eye Health - prevent macular degeneration thanks to zeaxanthin

Increases Energy - contains high levels of iron so you don’t feel fatigued

Improves Digestion - dietary fibre for more regular bowel movements

Boosts Immune System - high levels of Vitamin C – also great for skin elasticity

Lowers Blood Pressure - resveratrol can reduce the probability of heart attacks

Heart Support - anthocyanins can aid the cardiovascular system

100% organic white mulberries

Product of Turkey

White Mulberries are naturally sweet, chewy and so deliciously mouth-watering that you may just eat them straight from the box. Add to chia porridge, muesli, snack mixes or smoothies.

Typical values Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1377
Protein (g) 4.2
Carbohydrate (g) 75
Total Fat (g) 1.5
Dietary Fibre (g) 5.0
Total Sodium (mg) 70