You can only truly flourish when you nourish your body naturally. By investing in your health, you can reap the rewards of increased positivity, heightened energy levels and the drive and motivation to realise your dreams. Once you embrace a life without limits, there’s no telling what you could achieve…


We source our superfood ingredients and products from suppliers who share our values. Suppliers that work hand-in-hand with farmers who care for the earth and embrace sustainable methods of ensuring nutritional potency in everything they grow. That means no artificial ingredients or GMO.


We are committed to bringing you only the very best organic and wild-harvested superfoods from around the world, whilst taking care to tread as lightly on the earth as we can. This includes sustainable organic sourcing and choosing shipping methods that minimise our carbon footprint.



We’re guided by our values and vision

To help you to live your Life without Limits. We take our inspiration from the image of an eagle soaring free on the wind – strong, powerful and graceful, this majestic bird is empowered by and at one with Nature.

Freedom is Form

We believe that true freedom comes from making the right nutritional choices. By nourishing your body (or form), you can free yourself to live a life without limits.


There’s belief behind every leaf we pick

To provide you with exceptional quality, nutrient-dense superfoods to fuel and nourish your body from the inside out, so that you too can soar free.

Love Comes First

We love what we do, and what we enable others to do. In everything we do, love comes first, and it guides the way that we seek to positively impact the lives of our customers and suppliers, empower the farmers who supply us, and protect and preserve the environment on which we all depend. From souring to quality and packaging, we consider the impacts, both positive and negative, on our farmers, our customers and the Earth. Success in these areas is how we measure our “profits”.



All our organic suppliers are EU-certified, and our superfoods and packing facility are Ceres-certified. For our wild-harvested superfoods where a certification isn’t available, we apply our own stringent tests to ensure that each product is entirely pesticide-free.


Our superfoods are wrapped with love in sustainable packaging that’s 100% compostable and biodegradable. We are the first superfoods brand in South Africa to offer a fully sustainable, home compostable, biodegradable packaging solution to the growing plastic problem. We didn’t inherit this planet – we’re holding it on trust for our children.

We were delighted to discover Natureflex inner bags, made from sustainably farmed wood pulp. They are 100% home compostable and biodegradable, and can be broken down by earthworms as shown in this short YouTube video.

Our outer boxes are printed on sustainably farmed board using vegetable-based inks. That’s because we believe that if there is an option to ‘do it right’, then it’s our responsibility to embrace that change. The more consumers and businesses that opt for this kind of packaging, the more the price will come down. Upgrading your choices now means that our children can reap the rewards in their future. The Earth is not a single-use home!



Soaring Free Superfoods began with a core range of single-ingredient superfoods. We fell in love with superfoods while overseas, so we wanted to bring these nutrient dense power-food sources to South Africa, and provide as wide and diverse a range as possible. We started with goji berries and raw cacao for our healthy raw, recipes and our range grew from there.


Our range has expanded to include mixes and blends inspired by the creative ways we were combining ingredients in their own kitchen. We now create convenient, time-saving smoothie blends, breakfast mixes and healthy snacking solutions , providing concentrated nutritional potency in ways that fit with busy modern lifestyles.


Without chocolate, life is incomplete! As the offshoot of a family of bakers, Beryn’s love of chocolate is in her DNA. Her passion inspired the Soaring Free range of Superfood and Superherb chocolate bars, all using 100% organic, raw cacao combined with superfoods and superherbs for maximum nutrition and wrapped in pure chocolate pleasure.


Peter and Beryn Daniel

Husband and wife team Peter and Beryn Daniel are the founders of Soaring Free and the guardians of the company’s sacred flame. Chefs with a passion for healthy living, they founded Soaring Free Superfoods in 2006 to show more people just how delicious good food can taste, as well as how great it feels to be in good health.

Food and health cannot be separated, so it’s important to be able to create dishes that inspire the senses as well as the cells.

Beryn Daniel

Peter and Beryn have co-authored two recipe books: “Rawlicious”, a compilation of their favourite plant-based recipes; and “The Magic of Superfoods”, a selection of their best superfood recipes, including the health benefits of each ingredient and how best to use them. With over a decade of health education experience under their belts, Peter and Beryn continue to encourage a new way of living and eating that is closer to nature. When they’re not in their kitchen, you’ll find them in their organic garden or rehabilitating the indigenous forest on the farm where they live with their two daughters.


As a friends-and-family-owned company, Soaring Free Superfoods is a labour of love. We strive every day to be “the change we want to see in the world” and do our best to lead by example so that our children – and yours - may inherit and celebrate an ever-more beautiful earth.

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