Organic Raw Cacao Nibs


Peruvian Cacao Nib Chocolate Chips

Raw cacao has a rich history amongst ancient Central American cultures. Associated with nobility and abundance, cacao was known as ‘the food of the gods’ or ‘black gold’ and traded as currency. Cacao nibs are delicious crunchy bits of the crushed cacao beans and are used as chocolate chips in recipes.

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• HEART SUPPORT - contains high levels of magnesium for heart health
• LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE - theobromine relaxes muscles & dilates blood vessels
• SLOWS AGEING - high in antioxidants
• NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSANT - contains feel-good neurotransmitters for a mood boost
• ENERGISING - contains B vitamins, iron, manganese and theobromine
• IMMUNE BOOSTING - high content of B vitamins to keep you healthy
• WEIGHT LOSS - natural appetite suppressant to curb hunger cravings
• FEEL YOUNGER - MAOIs to keep the feel-good neurotransmitters in your system for longer
• MENTAL CLARITY - PEA (phenylethylamine) improves cognitive function

How to use cacao nibs

Sprinkle them over your morning breakfast or use them as chocolate chips in your smoothies or snack mixes. For an easy, decadent dessert combine cacao nibs and honey with your favourite nut butter. Recommended 5 – 20g per day.


Most cacao products are roasted at high temperatures and then refined through machinery using high heat. Soaring Free Superfoods raw cacao products are carefully dried and cold processed ensuring truly raw cacao that keeps the delicate nutrients intact. Our cacao is certified organic and tested for heavy metals.

Product of Peru


100% organic cacao nibs (criollo heirloom)

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  1. Gabrielle pollockApril 7, 2022

    Delicious addition to my morning porridge 🙂 great energy booster

  2. Tania ZanonApril 7, 2022

    I love adding some cacao nibs to my morning chocolate smoothie for that extra crunchy goodness. They just seem to lift it to the next level!

  3. Easy vegan way for baking my fave choc chip biscuits. Love it

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