Organic Hemp Seeds


Alkalising Protein-Rich Seeds

This ancient food can be traced back thousands of years across multiple cultures where it was revered as a complete food source.

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Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids, are high in fibre and contain Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids in a near perfect ratio for human nutritional needs.

• MUSCLE BUILDING & TISSUE REPAIR - 30-35% easily-digestible, alkalising, complete protein
• ANTIOXIDANT - contains significant amounts of EFAs (essential fatty acids)
• ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - EFAs minimise inflammation & oxidative damage
• HORMONE BALANCING - the only edible seed with GLA for better balance
• IMMUNE BOOSTING - give yourself better protection from infections
• LIVER SUPPORTING - a good source of lecithin
• BRAIN BUILDING - lecithin repairs & fortifies your brain, rich in Omegas for brain health & great for brain development in babies
• COLON SUPPORT - high in fibre to keep things moving on through
• DIGESTIVE HEALTH - fibre is excellent for supporting the digestive system

How to use hemp seeds

The seeds have a mild, nutty flavour, and are extremely versatile. Make hemp milk, cream and cheese! Blend into smoothies. Sprinkle over salads and soups. Hemp seeds are an excellent superfood for pre- and post-intensive exercise. Recommended 50g + daily.


Soaring Free Superfoods ensure that our hemp products are non-irradiated and certified organic, which means they are processed and grown without chemicals. Hexane free!

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organic shelled hemp seeds


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  1. nadenefreysenNovember 29, 2018

    Hemp seeds are amazing when it comes to getting my daily omegas in ! I only buy these because I trust the brand and certifications. The best is when i use it to make hemp milk or seed milks. SO GOOD !

  2. Great in smoothies etc…. perfectly hulled hemp seeds!!

  3. paulderdashJune 27, 2020

    Great source of protein for vegetarians: 9 grams of protein and 1 gram of net carb per ounce (28 grams); also rich in soluble fiber; great source of magnesium, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids.

  4. Brina BiggsApril 25, 2022

    This product here was my staple through both my pregnancies. Hemp seeds have such a great nutritional profile and a high level of omega and calcium, the latter meant I could limit taking in dairy for my calcium requirements. Super easy to whip up your own batch of hemp milk which you can add vanilla or some Kalahari salts to… Or anything else you want to explore with. Truly couldn’t recommend this product enough.

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