Maca Xpresso

Concentrated Black Maca Extract Powder 

This 100g bag is the same price as our 77g tub - great value for money!


Maca Xpresso is a combination of coarsely chipped black maca root, dried and infused with 10:1 maca extract. The unique cold extraction process concentrates all the essential nutrients, making them more bioavailable for effective absorption. We use only traditionally grown, highest-quality maca roots from Junín which have retained their adaptogenic properties.

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Health benefits of Maca Xpresso are potentially the following:

Energising - combats stress & fatigue

Nourishes Adrenals

Natural Mood & Performance Enhancer - boosts virility & stamina

Organic Black Maca, coarsely chipped and infused with black Maca Xpresso extract

Product of Peru

Use 1 - 2 teaspoons at least once daily for powerful adaptogenic support. Add to smoothies, herbal teas, homemade chocolates or hot chocolate.

Simply make a Maca Xpresso using a coffee plunger and add coconut cream/milk and honey with a dash of cinnamon.