Organic Valerian Powder

Calming + Improves Sleep + Reduces Anxiety 

Valerian root powder has been shown to be effective in improving sleep without side effects such as morning drowsiness. It has also been used to reduce anxiety.


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Valerian is generally considered safe, but it is a Potent Plant. Please use it with care. If you are unsure about taking it, have a health condition or are on any medication, please do research and consult your healthcare practitioner for advice on use.

Valerian is said to slow down the metabolism of the liver which could affect medication.

Effects can vary depending on the individual, so please use with care and discontinue use should you experience anxiety or restlessness after taking it.

Read the Potent Plant disclaimer here.

100% Organic Valerian Powder

Add to herbal tea or mix with warm water. It can also be combined with other calming herbs such as lemon balm, peppermint or passionflower to mask the strong smell.

Recommended Dose: 

500mg an hour or 2 before bedtime to improve sleep.

200mg or less up to 3 times per day for anxiety.

Take a break after 1 month of continued use.