Chocolate Nut Crackle Recipe

Chocolate Nut Crackle Recipe

A simple recipe for creating delicious raw chocolate without the moulds.

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1C Cacao Powder
1C Cacao Butter
1/4C Coconut Oil
1/4C Coconut Blossom Nectar
1 C Berry Burst or Trail Blaze
Mixed nuts, chopped


Step 1:

Melt your cacao butter and coconut oil using 2 pots baine-marie style.

Step 2:

Once that has completely melted, mix in your cacao powder and coconut blossom nectar. You can do this by hand or in a blender.

Step 3:

Prepare your trays - if they are not flexible trays then use wax paper to line them so it's easy to get the crackle off.

Step 4:

Evenly sprinkle half the Berry Burst or Trail Blaze and chopped nuts on the tray.

Step 5:

Pour over the chocolate mixture to evenly cover the tray.

Step 6:

Sprinkle the rest of the Berry Burst or Trail Blaze and chopped nuts on top.

Step 7:

Set in the fridge or freezer and then have fun cracking it into pieces.

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