Goji Berry Cordial & Spritzer Recipe

Goji Berry Cordial & Spritzer Recipe

A refreshing and beautiful spritzer for an afternoon pick-me-up or a healthy sundowner. Created for us by Frances... check out her page @withlovefromfrances on Instagram

about 1 litre


a little more than 2 hours including cooling time


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- ½ cup Soaring Free Superfoods Goji Berries
- 500ml hot water
- juice of 1 large orange and 3 large strips of the peel (organic if possible)
- ½ cup (125ml) coconut blossom nectar or honey or sweetener of choice
- chilled still/sparkling water or kombucha, to serve


Step 1:

Place the goji berries and orange rind peels into a large pot, pour over the boiling water, cover with the lid and leave to infuse until the water is room temperature.

Step 2:

Remove the orange peels, add the orange juice and sweetener of your choice. Place the pot on a low heat, stir and leave to simmer with the lid off until the cordial has reduced by half.

Step 3:

Once reduced, leave to cool for about 2 hours. Strain and bottle.

Step 4:

To serve mix a ratio of 1:5 cordial to kombucha or sparkling water (i.e. 40ml cordial to 200ml water) depending on how strong or weak you like it, adjust this ratio accordingly ☺


★ If you want to get as much flavour out of the goji berries as possible and retain their nutrients, at step 3, while still warm, blend the cordial for 3 minutes in a jug blender. Once blended you can either leave as is and bottle or strain the cordial through a sieve before bottling. ★ If you don’t have coconut blossom nectar or honey you can also use coconut sugar, but this will cause the cordial to become darker in colour and will need to be stirred until completely dissolved in step 2. ★ Change it up, this recipe is also fantastic with lemon or grapefruit, but just remember that if you make this substitution, you’ll need to adjust the sweetness accordingly. ☺

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