7 Superfoods for Winter Wellness

The cold temperatures can have both good effects and negative effects on our health. Depending on your basic foundation of health, your body can deal with the different climate much better if you provide it with the nutrition it needs to do so.

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Soaring Free Superfoods

Potent Chocolates: Easy, medicinal & nutritional

These simple recipes for homemade chocolates are quick and delicious ways to get Potent Plants into your daily diet. With these medicinal botanicals combined into your chocolate treats it’s a double whammy of medicinal, nutritional power! Plus we have added some options to for including the Protein Shakes into your chocolates too…!

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Detox & Cleanse With Superfoods

The body is of course highly capable of cleansing & detoxifying, ridding itself of toxic chemicals and toxic waste buildup. However there a few superfood superstars & a couple of simple processes that can aid a compromised body and enhance its natural detoxification processes.

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Press Release: We’ll be at Eden Festival Of Action 2021

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Things You Need To Know About Vitamin C

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Natural Hormone Balancing Superfoods & Recipes

Superfoods are phenomenal when it comes to balancing hormones, especially a select category of superfoods called Adaptogens.

What makes them so extraordinary is their ability to restore imbalances in the body to their optimal natural state.

Try some of the most potent adaptogenic superfoods in these delicious and healthy recipes for natural hormone balance.

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A Quick Guide To Your Happy Hormones

Hormones & neurotransmitters control our heart rates, digestion, energy levels, even our mood & feelings. These happy chemical messengers work behind the scenes to give us our ability to bond, feel joy and experience pleasure. Of course, our happiness is more complex than just balancing some chemicals, but it’s important to understand these chemicals and how they impact our mental health & well being – because they do. And if we can influence them, then how do we?

In essence, we could boost our happy hormones by 50% with the right super foods

Find out more in this article. 

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Nutrients and botanicals for the 4 phases of COVID-19

What’s in this post?

  • 4 Phases of COVID-19
  • What state will you be in when the virus finds you?
  • Nutrients and Botanicals for the 4 phases of COVID-19 – phase 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Superfood and Potent Plant recommendations
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Should You Take Supplements?

The short and narrow of what supplements to take and whether or not to supplement. Considering there is so much information out there today, it is generally confusing and overwhelming. As a rule of thumb for your own health & well-being: it’s really truly all about taking back control & owning your own health sovereignty, by becoming more aware of food labels & getting to know what works for your body. 

Health is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Find out what we think about supplementing your diet.

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Simple Destress Rituals

Stress is a natural part of life and, in fact, when the body experiences stress and its response is homeostasis, then this stress is considered healthy stress that enables us and can boost our immune system. The problem is when our bodies are experiencing stress as a continuous condition and we don’t take the time out to detangle ourselves, physically and emotionally. This is when functional stress becomes a dysfunctional disturbance in the body leading to illnesses. One way to continuously support our bodies is through nutrition. Consider it a useful and accessible tool to soothe our systems, replenish what is used and restore what is damaged.

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