Super-Immune Blue Juice Recipe

Super-Immune Blue Juice Recipe

For a visually intriguing drink at a party or for children, Super-Immune Blue Juice is always fun! This drink is beneficial for the immune system due to the beautiful blue pigment called phycocyanin.



Start the day before as it needs to stand overnight



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Blue Water:
10 Spirulina Tablets
500ml of water

Blue Juice

Blue Water
250 ml coconut kefir, coconut water or plain water
1 T Camu Camu Berry Powder
2 T Coconut Blossom Nectar Light
1 handful fresh mint leaves


Step 1:

Drop spirulina tablets into the 500ml water and allow it to stand overnight – the green pigments will sink to the bottom and the blue pigments will stay suspended, making the water a beautiful, bright azure colour.
Note: sometimes the red pigment is more dominant depending on the water to spirulina ratio and the angle you look at it. The blue juice pictured here is a good example of this.

Step 2:

Slowly pour off the blue water to use in this recipe. Keep the green water to blend into your smoothie.

Step 3:

Add your blue water to the coconut kefir (or alternatives).

Step 4:

Stir in the camu camu berry powder and coconut blossom nectar

Step 5:

Add the fresh mint leaves – they will float on the surface and slowly infuse the water with a subtle minty taste.

Step 6:

Leave in the fridge to chill or add ice blocks and serve.

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